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Unfortunately I do not agree with this statement Joy. There are plenty of venues that can hold almost the same amount of people as the ULounge. Retrievers, just to name one, holds almost the same amount of people that the ULounge does. Furthermore, I do not believe in settling with what there is to offer. As a PR major I feel that it is important to push for the absolute best from any venue that is paid for. The results of the above subject were unacceptable and it was partially poor planning and partially poor management at the ULounge. No matter how big a party may be I will never advise anyone to even think about signing a contract with the people at the ULounge.

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Post:Did Lebron James make the Right Decision in the Heat? by Dwayne

Kudos. I also believe that “King James” made the right choice in choosing to make the career move to the Miami Heat. From a PR standpoint I also have to give his PR practitioner(s) a pat on the back for somehow making this a trending topic around the world for almost a month. People everywhere were counting down the days until “The Decision.” They made this decision into an actual live broadcast for goodness sakes! All the man had to say was “I choose (insert team here)” and somehow it was turned into an hour long program! Hopefully one day when I grow up I will be as skilled in the PR field as Lebron James’ practitioners because that was executed beautifully.

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Post: PR Connectons #1 by Joy Raybon

I definitely agree with Victoria and Dwayne because social media is a huge part of Public Relations and now days the world of Public Relations is sarting to rely heavily upon it. But on the other hand, I believe that as public relations practitioners of the 21st century we are faced with the grueling task of keeping up with technology. This is not like earlier times when PR was solely based on hard copy papers and magazines. We are now in a time that news can be spread within two seconds and changed before it’s even gone far. It is our job to make sure that we progress right along with, if not faster than, the ever evolving social media networks. I believe that this fact is not a bad thing, it challenges me as a PR practitioner to expand my thoughts and become more creative with my thinking. Yes, it is not as easy and it’s not traditional but sometimes we just have to roll with the punches and hope for the best! 🙂

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Post: TOW 5: One Week of Twitter

I agree with you about making your tweets contain substantial information. After my experience with One Week of Twitter and following the practitioners I felt that my Twitter was very pointless. It was like I was just taking up space in people’s timelines to say absolutely nothing. I feel like now that I have gone through this experience I find myself tweeting about different things. It has not been an easy process to change the topics of my tweets but I am trying really hard to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to joke around and have casual conversations with my friends, but at the same time I like for people to feel like they’re gaining something from reading my tweets. I believe that as up and coming practitioners we should all know how to offer knowledge and exciting facts about things that happen in our everyday lives that could possible impact someone else. I found it fascinating that the practitioners that I am following found a way to make every day life into a learning experience. I read a blog that one of the practitioners that I am following posted once about losing her daughter in the mountains and it was so moving! I just feel inspired by all of these blogs! Also, every practitioner that I followed is now following me so I feel the added pressure to make a good impression on them because I never know when I might get offered a job like Tabatha! 🙂
-Kaila B.

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Post: Final Project: SMNR

Hey rarunner86,
Unfortunately my client (which happens to also be my uncle) and his family went on a two week hiatus at the exact same time that I was supposed to interview him for my SMNR so, needless to say I was unable to complete option one of the assignment. I did get to check out the websites that Mrs. Nixon suggested and I think that making an SMNR would really benefit my uncle’s organization. I told him about it when he finally came back from his vacation and we are going to start setting one up soon! He is very excited that I took this class because I am really helping him get his organization up and running. He has been in the beginning stages of his organization for almost three years and I decided that it was time to take it to the next level! I am excited to see how the SMNR comes out! I will definitely let you know and post the link when it’s done!

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Post: TOW 5: One Week of Twitter (Response to Tabatha’s comment on my blog)

Hey Tabatha,
Congrats on the internship that is amazing! You have to be excited about something like that! I haven’t gotten that lucky with following the PR Practitioners but hopefully if I keep on this path it will happen for me also. I am actually very interested in finding out how you landed such a wonderful opportunity over Twitter! I am still amazed that something that we, as college students, used to use just to keep in touch with our friends and play around with can help us plan for our future. The one thing that following the practitioners has helped me with is blogging. Some of their blog posts are so surprisingly interesting. I think that after I am done with this class I might attempt to continue blogging. Well, congrats again on the wonderful opportunity that has been presented to you! Let me know how that works out!!
-Kaila B.

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Post: 13th Regiment: Men of War

I think it is really amazing that you guys have taken the time out to create this blog for the family/friends of the cadets at LDAC. My boyfriend is in the 13th regiment and he just gave his phone up tonight. It is a lot easier to deal with not being able to talk to him everyday knowing that I can check on him through the sites that you guys have put up. Him and I were talking about purchasing a plane ticket so that I could come see him graduate in August but now that you guys are taping it live on UStream we wont have to stress over finding a reasonable ticket. I just wanted to say thank you for offering support for the people at home missing the cadets in Washington!!! Thank you!!

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Post: Chapter 5 Reading Notes (response to Queata Cassell’s comment)

Thank you!! Taking notes is just something that I have had to practice at for a very long time so I have become good at it. My only problem is that sometimes I find myself taking too many notes. You know how when you are sitting in class taking notes and the teacher says, “Don’t write down everything I’m saying.” I always feel like they’re talking to me. Most of the time I write down everything because I feel like I’m going to miss something. But it takes practice to take neat notes but I also need to work on not writing down everything that I read.

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Post: What I Did Right: How I Averaged 80 Comments and 135 Tweets in My First Week of Blogging by Lisa Petrilli

This blog was very inspiring! I just started a blog of my own for a class that I am taking this semester. I didn’t do all the research that you mentioned that you did before you started your blog but I wish I would have. I just jumped into it head first! And although I do have required topics that I must write on I feel like I want to expand my blog to do more than the requirements but I just don’t know where to start. Reading your post has inspired me to just start somewhere! I am looking forward to becoming a successful blogger like yourself!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Blog Comment #2

Post: Why I’m Writing This On An iPad by Dave Fleet

As a college student with a lot of time on my hands in the summer months and an undying urge to follow the trend I have been saving up all of my money to buy the newest thing out. I have been reading up on the iPad since it first came out and I have definitely heard more good reviews than bad ones which only pushes me to spend my pennies. But, after reading your top five reasons I’m not sure that I need an iPad right now.
I’m only 20 years old, the furthest that I travel for my job is 7 miles so there is no flying necessary, I own a lap top, and I still believe that my laptop is convenient enough. I think I’m going to stick with my laptop and give Jobs some time to work out the iPad kinks and then I’ll spend all of my hard earned money!

Blog Comment #1

Post: TOW 2 By Lauren O’Sulliven

So you’ve obviously blogged before! lol. Your blog makes mine seem very boring! Your post is very enlightening to “novice” bloggers such as myself. I will definitely be reading up on your blog to make sure I’m staying on my toes with this class! You’ve helped me out tremedously and you don’t even know it! Thanks!!