TOW 16: Ten Tips for New Bloggers

Ten tips for New Bloggers

1. Make sure that you truely enjoy what you are blogging about

     If you don’t enjoy what you are writing about in your blog it will be obvious to the audience

2. Write in short paragraphs

     Nobody wants to read a book

3. Use pictures

     Pictures are worth 1000 words

4. Put links within your writing

     Putting a link inside of your story will give the reader more insight to what it is that you are talking about & quite frankly saves you a lot of explaining.

5. Bold face the words and statements that you think are important

     bold face print catches the attention of the reader

6. Be honest and genuine in your writing

     If your being fake and just making stuff up it will come through in your writing

7. Use a conversational tone

     Pretend like you are talking to a friend. (just make sure to spell correctly and not in slang)

8. State your opinion and support it with the facts

9. Site your sources

      don’t steal other people’s ideas…. BORROW them! 🙂

10. Be respectful of other bloggers!


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