Chapter 14 Notes

Notes taken from:Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Giving Speeches and Presentations

Speech is a powerful communcation tool

      Speech must be prepared for listeners, not readers

      It must fit the audience and the occasion


     Requires clear objectives, effective organization of relevant key messages, knowledge of the audience, and a close working relationship with the person who will be giving the speech.

Nonverbal communication

      Important in a speech

The reccomended length of a speech is 20 minutes which is equal to 10 pages double spaced.

Speeches provide opportunities for additional publicity by

      1. inviting the press to cover it

      2. preparing news releases

      3. distributing audio and visual clips

     4. converting the speech to an op-ed piece

     5. reprinting it in a brochure

     6. posting excerpts on a web page

     Speakers should be enthusiastic and make eye contact with the audience


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