Chapter 13 Notes

Notes taken from:Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Writing for other Media

Two strengths of print publications:

     1. they can feature in-depth stories

     2. can reflect the “face” of the organization

Editor must balance:

     1. management expectaions

     2. employee needs

     3. journalistic standards

The newsletter is the most comon organizational publication.

     Online newsletters set on a n organization’s internet often contains more color, graphics, and photos

Magazines are the most expensive publication and are often sen to both internal and external audiences


     Brochures vary in format and size from a single sheet of paper folded into panels to multiple page pamphlets and booklets

     in order to write or design a brochure you need to know its purpose, the target audience, ad the most cost-effective format

     requires simple sentence construction, informative healines, liberal use of subheads, and short paragraphs


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