Chapter 11 Notes

Notes taken from:Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Getting Along with Journalists

A. The Importance of Media Relations

     1. Media relations is the core activity in many public relations jobs

     2. One survey of 539 large companies by the Public Affairs Group found that media relations was the number one job responsibility of their public relations staffs.

B. The most common complaints journalists have about public relations people, according to a PRWeek survey are:

     1. lack of familiarity with editorial requirements and format

     2. poorly written materials

      3. too many unsolicited e-mails and phone calls

       4. lack of knowledge about their product or service

        5. Repeated calls and follow ups

C. Tips for Public Relations Practitioners

     1. If you need to set the record straight, begin with the reporter who wrote the story

     2. Don’t irritate reporters by asking, “Did you get my news release?” Also, don’t ask to see an advance copy of hte story or when a story will be published

       3. Crisis comunications is a test of excellent media relations, You need to work closely with the media to assure tha the public is fully informed


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