Chapter 10 Notes

Reaching the Media

  1. Media Databases
    1. Provide essential information such as:

                                  i.      names of publications and broadcast stations

                                  ii.      mailing addresses

                                   iii.      telephone & fax numbers

                                  iv.      e-mail addresses

                                  v.      names of key editors and reporters

  1. 3 main databases

                                   i.      newspaper & magazines

                                                             ii.      radio/TV/cable

                                                            iii.      Internet media

  1. Editorial Calendars
    1. A listing of topics and special issues that a periodical will feature throughout the year
    2. Tip Sheets
      1. Weekly newsletters that report on recent changes in news personnel and their new assignments, how to contact them, and what kinds of material they are looking for.
      2. Distribution of Materials
        1. The vast majority of publicity materials are now distributed in digital and electronic formats
        2. Today’s primary distribution channels are:

                                                               i.      e-mail

  1. the oldest feature of the internet
  2. approximately 10 trillion e-mails were sent in 2006

                                                             ii.      online newsrooms

  1. has 5 key components
    1. Contact information
    2. Corporate background
    3. News releases and media kits
    4. Multimedia gallery
    5. Search capability

                                                            iii.      electronic newswires

  1. 3 major newswires:
    1. Nudinrdd Eitr
    2. PR Newswire
    3. Marketwire

                                                           iv.      mat distribution campanies

                                                             v.      photo placement firms



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