Chapter 9 Notes

Notes taken from:Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Writing for Radio & Television

  1. The Wide Reach of Broadcasting
    1.  Radio reaches about 94% of adults over the age of 18 on a daily basis
    2. Total audience of about 225 million
  2. Radio
    1. Radio lacks the glamour of television and the popularity of the Internet, so it is not always the first medium that public relations people think of when planning an information campaign.
    2. Approximately 13,500 radio stations are on the air in the US, ranging from low-powered outlets operated by volunteers to large metropolitan stations audible for hundreds of miles.
  3. Radio News Release
    1. Format

                                                              i.      The standard practice is to write a radio release using all uppercase letters in a double-spaced format.

                                                            ii.      Give the length of the radio release

  1. Timing is vital because broadcasters must fit their messages into a rigid time frame that is measured down to the second

                                                          iii.      More conversational style of writing

  1. Audio News Release
    1. Can take two forms:

                                                              i.      Someone with a good radio voice reads the entire announcement

                                                            ii.      using an announcer but also include a soundbite from a satisfied customer, a celebrity, or a company spokesperson.

  1. This approach is better than a straight announcement because the message comes from a “real person” rather than a nameless announcer.

                                                          iii.      Format

  1. 60 seconds long
    1. including a 20 seconds or less soundbite
    2. Accompany any sound tape with a complete script of the tape

                                                           iv.      Production

  1. carefully written and accurately timed script
  2. record the words

                                                             v.      Delivery

  1. once it is produced the PR professional must notify the news department that an ANR is available. Give the subjet of the reease and tell editors how to retrieve it.
  2. Satellite Media Tours
    1. The television equivalent to the radio media tour
    2. Started in the mid-1980’s
    3. staple of PR industry
    4. talking heads

                                                              i.      used for SMTs, today’s most successful SMTs are more interactive and dynamic


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