TOW 6: What Makes a Story Newsworthy?

In a day and age of Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the ever evolving social media in order for something to be dubbed newsworthy there are many different things that a story must include.

1. Creativity

In an age of technology beyond anyone’s wildest imagination I believe that it is necessary to make a story as creative as possible. There are so many resources today that help enhance a story, especially a story posted on the internet, and make readers want to continue reading. In a day and age of BOLD WORDS and hyperlinks it is easy for “scimmers” to get the entire message of the story.

2. Drama

People like drama! It is just nature for humans to be drawn to things that seem to be dramatic. Why do you think people watch movies, reality television, or other television shows? Because it is intriguing to be caught up in drama. It is important to be careful when adding drama to stories though because people do not like to be lied to or mislead. There is a difference between embellishing/dramatizing and lying. It may be a very thin line, but a line nevertheless.

3. Relativism

It is important for a reader to be able to relate to the topic at hand. Humans are selfish by nature in the fact that if they feel like something has nothing to do with them they usually ignore it. If you can make someone feel like they can relate to the characters or the situation in a story it can be considered newsworthy in the eyes of the reader.

4. Factual

Reporting the facts is never the wrong route. When you report the facts with sources to back it up people will read your stories and they will be seen as newsworthy.

All of these things help enhance how newsworthy a story is. By implementing these things into a story it helps turn the writing into news instead of just a regular story. I believe the audience have a huge influence on what is considered newsworthy and things that are considered just stories. In most cases the old saying “the customer is always right” is correct. If your story can keep your audience entertained and  informed it will almost undoubtedly be newsworthy


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