Event Planning

As a public relations major one thing that I am interested in that is not focused on much at Georgia Southern is event planning. I pride myself on being the most organized, unorganized person that I know. I find that I work well under pressure and time constraints. I am very good at delegating tasks and making sure that people are doing what they are supposed to be doing when they are supposed to be doing it. In my family I am the person that coordinates family outings, trips, and other things like that. (It may be an easy job when you are dealing with a family of 4-5 people, but when dealing with 30 plus individuals this can become a real task)

Two weeks ago my boyfriend turned 21. About three months ago his friend offered him an opportunity to throw  a joined birthday party with her at her fathers expense. Of course my boyfriend hopped on top of the opportunity to have a free birthday party and without much delay party plans were underway. The plan was for the party to start off at Retrievers Bar here in Statesboro, but because of date issues the venue was changed to ULounge club which is also here in Statesboro.

Everything seemed to be going as planned until about a week before the party. Firstly, there were no hand bills for us to pass out because the people responsible for making them did not give them to the girl on time. We did not receive the hand bills until the night before the event. Secondly, between my boyfriend and his friend they were only allowed to have 20 V.I.P guests and all of the other guests were required to pay a fee. Third, although the girls father had paid for the venue another entertainment group was given permission to promote for a different party on the same night as their party. and lastly, the guests of honor were charged for parking.

Needless to say this was a poor business deal and it should not have been done. Unfortunately, I did not have much hand in helping planning this event because I believe that certain things would have been handled differently. As a PR major I have learned many things about contracts and business deals from an even standpoint that definitely would have come in handy during this instance. The people of the ULounge were very unprofessional and had the business been handled correctly all these things could have been fixed and/or avoided.

It goes without saying that I don’t recommend the ULounge as a venue for anyone to throw an event. The “business” people running the facility are unprofessional and very rude. There was no accommodations for the paying guests of honor and there were no apologies received after the terrible experience.



  1. jraybon6 Said:

    I totally agree with you on event planning and not recommending the U Lounge as a venue. But also since Statesboro has very little venues to choose from at a decent price and a fairly good location the U Lounge is sad to say the best option that college students have a social setting. Also especially hosting large scale events the U Lounge can hold a large a capacity.

  2. kaibee89 Said:

    Unfortunately I do not agree with this statement Joy. There are plenty of venues that can hold almost the same amount of people as the ULounge. Retrievers, just to name one, holds almost the same amount of people that the ULounge does. Furthermore, I do not believe in settling with what there is to offer. As a PR major I feel that it is important to push for the absolute best from any venue that is paid for. The results of the above subject were unacceptable and it was partially poor planning and partially poor management at the ULounge. No matter how big a party may be I will never advise anyone to even think about signing a contract with the people at the ULounge.

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