TOW 9: Tips for New PR Bloggers

Coming into this class I didn’t really know much about blogging nor did I want to know anything about it. I have never been any good at keeping up with things such as journals and things like that so I knew that I was going to be bad at this. Blogging was something that was foreign to me and I didn’t think I would ever get the hang of it.

If I had the opportunity to give new PR students that are new to blogging I would tell them NOT TO DO IT!! Just kidding. I would definitely tell them to give it a shot because it is actually something that could help out in the long run. Some of the advice that I would give would be

  1. Make a Twitter and follow as many PR practitioners as you possibly can.

Professor Nixon’s Twitter Starter Pack was an amazing gift! There were a list of hundreds of PR practitioners for us to follow just to get started with Twitter. During the One Week of Twitter experience I learned so much about the PR world, blogging, and Twitter. Yes, Twitter is a great way to connect with friends but it also an amazing way to start your future in Public Relations. One girl in our PRCA3330 class got offered a job from one of the PR practitioners on Twitter. When you know how to use your Twitter it can be a great networking

  1. Read other peoples blogs as much as possible

Reading other peoples blogs is how you learn how to develop your own blog. Professor Nixon’s blog Public Relations Matters is a great blog to learn from. It doesn’t matter what type of blog you read as long as you’re reading them! It is a good idea to read a variety in order to expand your horizons also.

  1. Blog in short paragraphs

People’s attention spans are short and for some reason shorter paragraphs online are easier and more interesting to read.

  1. Keep it conversational

Nine times out of ten the people that read your blog have something in common with you and are already somewhat interested in what you have to say. If you write as if you’re writing to get into Princeton (using huge words you don’t understand and things of that nature) people will be bored by your blog and might take your tone the wrong. It may seem as if you are talking down to people.

  1. Stay on topic

Although it blogs are conversational it is important to stay on your topic and complete your thoughts.

  1. Keep up with your blog

I made the mistake of slacking off on my blog lately and it’s a terrible thing to try and play catch up with. It is a good idea to try and get into good habits from the beginning and stick with them.

  1. Comment on other blogs

The only way that you will gain interest in your own blog is if you comment on others. Usually when you comment on other peoples blogs you have the option to insert a link to your own blog.

  1. Be careful what you say in your comments

Along with #7 it is important to use tact when commenting on other peoples blogs. People appreciate honesty but there is a thin line between honesty and being just plane rude. Learn the difference and adjust accordingly

  1. Blog about things that matter

Use your blog to write things of substance. People usually don’t care that you woke up and did 300 sit ups in the morning unless you add some substance to your post. If you woke up and did some exercise because you read in one of you magazines that increases blood flow in looks is more important. See the difference?

  1. Have fun with your blog

Don’t look at your blog as a drudging task that you have to do. Look at it as an opportunity to learn more about your field of work and how it all works. Enjoy your blog, embrace your blog!


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