Is ALL Publicity GOOD Publicity?

The buzz around the news media world this month is the big news of Lindsay Lohan. Yes ladies and gentlemen Lindsay is supposedly going to jail!

E! News did a story on her last day and court and Lindsay Lohan looked terrible. She looked like she was strung out and the new discovery is the message on the her middle finger nail. It simply reads “f*c* you” on both of her middle fingers.

People are trying to read into this as gesture as much as possible. I’m starting to believe that Lindsay is just giving the media something to talk about. She’s acting out against all of her morals and values just to get some attention. I believe that she is going the absolute wrong route.

If Lindsay Lohan doesn’t get her act together quick she will be just another name that nobody remembers. I am not a up and coming PR practitioner that believes that all publicity is good publicity. I believe that there is a such thing as bad publicity and Lindsay Lohan is giving out the best example right now.

The first time Lindsay was caught doing inappropriate things it did get her some attention that she needed but now people are just getting disgusted with her actions. Audiences will only put up with someone doing terrible things for so long before they decide to write someone off.

Lindsay and her PR team better get it together before they all find themselves out of a job. It is not cute to go to jail and it doesn’t gain anyone more friends. The bad girl image has gone entirely too far and it needs to stop NOW!


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