Fundamentals of Multimedia

For Term B of summer school I registered for Fundamentals of Multimedia (Jour 3631). Just like any other Public Relations students close to the end of there college career I was looking for something new and exciting to take that would help with my major but also be outside of the everyday PR classes that I am used to taking. Not once did I even think about the prefix for this class which CLEARLY states that this is a JOURNALISM class!

When I got to class the first day and Professor Boyter passed out the syllabus and told us that we would be multi skilled journalist red flags just went off in my head! “Not another journalism class!” is what I was thinking. At that point I wanted to run out of the class and never return. I am a PR major and I’m sick of writing news articles. My job is to write press releases and media releases, NOT journal articles.

It took me about two days to realize that my Fundamentals of Multimedia and my PR Writing classes go hand-n-hand and both have been wonderful classes for me to take. In Jour3631 I actually had to create a news website using Google Sites and it is just like creating an SMNR! The site that I created The Make-Up Artist Corner incorporated APA Format, hyperlinks, tags, and tons of other things that are discussed in my PR Writing class.

I am amazed at how much I have learned with these two classes and how much they overlap. Both classes stress APA format which has helped me enhance my writing skills. It is interesting to see how far the media has come in such a short period of time. The things that Public Relations practitioners and journalists can accomplish are amazing. Technology is opening all types of doors for creativity in the news world and creating more opportunities for college students to have a job.

Through these two classes I have realized my passion for my PR major and I am excited to go out into the real world and start applying my techniques. It is exciting to learn something new and be inspired everyday and that is exactly what these two classes have done for me!


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