Chapter 8 Notes

Notes taken from:Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

The Importance of Publicity Photos

Photographs and graphics are important components of news releases and feature stories. They add interest and variety, and they often explain things better than words alone.

Components of a Good Photo

1. Technical Quality

2. Subject Matter

3. Composition

4. Action

5. Scale

6. Camera Angle

7. Lighting and Timing

8. Color

Working with Photographers

1. Finding Photographers

You should have a file of photographers, noting their fees and particular expertise.

2. Contracts

a.  Any agreement with a photographer should be in writing. A written document helps you to avoid misunderstandings about fees, cost of materials, and copyright ownership of the images.

b. A Contract should cover:

1. What is the photographer’s profession fee for taking pictures

2. How many out-of-pocket expenses

3. What will be delivered upon completion of the assignment

4. Who will supervise the photographer

5. Who will retain the images?

6. Nature of use

7. Photographers

3. The Photo Session

You will save time and money with regard to the photo session if you plan ahead

4. Cropping and Retouching

a. The two primary techniques for editing photos are cropping and retouching.

b. Cropping is editing the photo by cutting off parts of the picture that you don’t want

c. Retouching is done to alter the actual content of the photo.

Writing Photo Captions

Caption: A brief text under the photo that tells the reader about the picture and its source

5. Ethical Considerations


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