Chapter 6 Notes

Notes taken from:Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Fact Sheets

1. A list of facts in outline or bullet form that a reporter can use as a quick reference when writing a story.

2. Often accompanies a news release or a media kit

3. May form the basis of a whole story for a reporter, or the reporter might use just one or two of the facts provided to supplement the information in the news release

Media Advisories

1. They tell assignment editors about upcoming events that they might be interested in covering from a story, photo, and video perspective

2. The most common format uses format uses short, bulleted items rather than long paragraphs.

Media Kits

1. Usually prepared for major event s and new product launches

2. Purpose is to give editors and reporters a variety of information and resources that will make it easier for the reporter to write about the topic

3. A basic media kit may include:

1. A main news release

2. A news feature

3. A fact sheet

4. BAckground information

5. Photos and drawings with captions

6. Biographical material on the spokesperson or senior executive

7. Some basic brochures

Electronic Media Kit

1. Advantages

1. More versatile than traditional printed media kits, because they can include multiple pieces of information in a variety of formats

2. It expands the potential audience. It has the potential of reaching a wider audience of consumers, bloggers, online forums, and other websitesvia social media tags and RSS feeds.

The Pitch

‘1. The purpose of a pitch letter is to convince editors and reporters to cover an even or do a story.

2. Pitches to editors must:

-be brief, raise interest, and come immediately to the point

3. Pitch letters a re customized to each editor based on the publication’s content, demographics, and circulation.

4. E-mail pitches must have succinct creative subject lines.


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