BET Awards 2010

I am very late about posting this but, I just watched the BET Awards tonight and I believe that I MUST speak on one performance in particular: Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson.

For those of you that do not know 18 months ago Chris Brown beat up his ex girlfriend, hip hop sensation, Rhianna on their way to an awards show. The news went wild with this story painting Brown as a monster woman beater. Once pictures of Rhianna’s badly bruised face hit the media Chris Brown’s fans and supporters started dropping like flies. He lost his endorsement deals and other music moguls such as rapper Jay-Z and Kanye West refused to work with him ever again. Needless to say this incident seemed to have killed Chris Brown’s career.

On June 27 loyal Chris Brown fans were pleasantly surprised that his fall from grace was very short lived as Brown lead the one year tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The performance was EPIC! No one was expecting what BET had in store for us that night! Even more shockingly Chris Brown started to break down in sobbing tears in the middle of his performance.

The question of the month from critics all around is “Were the tears genuine or was it a publicity stunt?” Well I’ll tell you this much, if it was a publicity stunt, IT WORKED! I do not believe it was a publicity stunt. Chris Brown has expressed his love and adoration for The King of Pop way before his incident with Rhianna and I believe his emotions were 110 percent genuine. Did it work out well for his image? Yes. But I personally believe that that was just an added bonus for Chris Brown’s PR practitioner.

Chris Brown also won the Viewers Choice Award that night and I believe it was well deserved. It is time for the Hip Hop world to move on with life and forgive and forget. There is no doubt that what happened in the past was wrong and very upsetting but that does not change the fact that Chris Brown is a phenomenal artist. Everyone deserves a chance to make things right and I believe it is about time the media give Chris Brown a break! Lastly, KUDOS to Chris Brown’s PR practitioner if that was a publicity stunt because it was beyond believable!


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