Final Project- SMNR

What is a Social Media News Release?

Like any other computer savvy college student of today’s generation, when first approached with this question I went straight to Google. I have been here at Georgia Southern University for three long years and when asked this question at the beginning of this term I was unable to answer.

One site that was pointed out to me through a friend and Google was realwire. Realwire has many different videos that explain what an SNMR is and its importance in the world of Public Relations.

After spending nine fast paced weeks in my PR Writing class I now understand what a Social Media News Release (SMNR) is and can explain it in my own words:

A Social Media News Release, also known as a Smart Media Release, is a tool used by PR Practitioners to distribute news releases throughout the internet.

Advantages of SMNR’s

There are certain things that Social Media News Releases accomplish that a regular printed news release cannot.

By posting a news release via internet a practitioner is allowing the story to reach a much wider audience than just a single printed news release.

One news release that is put on the internet can be circulated through many sources, such as bloggers, journalists, consumers, and publishers, by a simple click of a few buttons.  A Media News Release is a faster way to get news out to the public.

Another aspect that I witness on a regular basis is that a Social Media News Release has the advantage of being more creative. There are more tools that can be utilized to make a SMNR than in a regular print news release. A practitioner can use images, color, video interviews, sound bites, and many other things that enhance a news release and makes readers want to dig into a story.

Disadvantages of SMNR’s

The biggest disadvantage that is associated with a SMNR is that not everyone has access to the internet. As crazy as it may seem to people of my generation, there are still some people that do not have access to the internet or do not use the internet on a regular basis. By creating a SMNR practitioners are running the risk of missing out on some important consumers that do not necessarily know how to navigate with the modern technology that is the internet.

When should SMNR’s be used?

SMNR’s should be used whenever there is announcement that needs to be made, and needs to be made QUICK. The best thing about a SMNR is that as soon as something is updated it is put out for the entire (internet) world to see. SMNR is the epitome of FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. If the client would like to keep an announcement quiet for a while then SMNR’s are definitely not the way to go.

It should also be used when a client wants to be more creative and exciting with the news that they are presenting to the public. SMNR’s are flashier than a regular news release and tend to grab attention easier than a regular release.

Getting Started with a SMNR

Two websites that will help any practitioner that is interested in creating an SMNR are: PitchEngine and PRXbuilder. On my Professors blog Public Relations Matters PitchEngine and PRXbuilder are the two websites that she suggested for us to get started with our own SMNR’s. Although I opted not to do that particular assignment I did explore through the two websites just to see how helpful they were in getting started.  I was surprised to find that both were very easy to navigate through and understand.

For someone like me who has never created a Social Media News Release these two websites made it seem very simple. They took me through step by step exactly how to create my release. Both are very helpful and I would suggest them to anyone who is first starting off with SMNR’s

Another website that could help you get started with the writing aspect of SMNR and not necessarily the creation of the page is News U. This website has a wide variety of courses that is useful for journalists and PR practitioners alike but one course in particular, Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling, is very helpful in giving tips and ideas on how to write a successful SMNR.

Tips for a Successful SMNR

  1. Like in all news releases make sure to write in a conversational tone
  2. Use a catchy headline that will be easy to find through a search engine
    1. Remember that people don’t usually go straight to a story they search key words in a search engine
  3. Use pictures and audio/visual to draw the audience into the story and make the story more lively
  4. Make sure the font on the SMNR is easy to read and understand
  5. Bold face certain words for “scanability”
    1. People that frequent the internet tend to scan instead of reading. By using bold face it gives the reader an idea about what is being said without forcing them to read the entire article.
  6. Use strong quotes from the client that will get the reader interested in what is being said.
  7. Be creative!


  1. rarunner86 Said:

    Your tips for a succedssful SMNR are really helpful. I did the same thing and created a blog post instead of attempting to make one. I think someone could read your blog post and make a successful SMNR.I looked at a few of the websites, too and thought it might be something fun to play around with. Which was a relief, after reading the assignment I thought oh no that is going to take forever to do. You are right about a SMNR having the ability to be more creative. I’m interested to see how much more creative we get in the future as PR professionals. Great post!

    • kaibee89 Said:

      Hey rarunner86,
      Unfortunately my client (which happens to also be my uncle) and his family went on a two week hiatus at the exact same time that I was supposed to interview him for my SMNR so, needless to say I was unable to complete option one of the assignment. I did get to check out the websites that Mrs. Nixon suggested and I think that making an SMNR would really benefit my uncle’s organization. I told him about it when he finally came back from his vacation and we are going to start setting one up soon! He is very excited that I took this class because I am really helping him get his organization up and running. He has been in the beginning stages of his organization for almost three years and I decided that it was time to take it to the next level! I am excited to see how the SMNR comes out! I will definitely let you know and post the link when it’s done!

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