While doing the Five Steps to Multimedia there were many things that I learned, but there was also a lot of things that I have already known because I am taking a multimedia class for B Term.

1. When choosing a story you must look at it from all angles. Most print journalists come into a breaking story with a pen and a piece of paper and sometimes a tape recorder.

When you are a multimedia journalists it is important to come with a camera, a vide camera, and a pen and paper. Multimedia journalists usually put their stories online and with the different elements that come with the camera/video camera make the stories more readable and interesting.

2. I found that editing for the web is very important because usally people don’t stop to read an entire site they scan it.

Readers will scan a web story in order to find the important facts and move on. Pictures and video always help make the story fast and easy to read. They also catch the attention of the reader and get them interested in reading more.

3. One thing that I would like to know more about is the storyboard. I have never had to put together a storyboard in the past three years here at Georgia Southern.

I have taken plenty of journalism classes and we always go over what a storyboard is and what they’re used for but we never actually create one. I think creating a storyboard would help a lot with my writing and creativity.


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