TOW 5: One Week of Twitter

During my One Week of Twitter experience I learned a lot of different uses for Twitter. By reading and listening to Professor Nixon’s blog Twitter: What’s in it for me? I learned some new ways that I could utilize my Twitter account.

I have had a Twitter account for a little over a year now and I’ve basically only used it to connect with my friends and family. Before my One Week of Twitter experience I saw Twitter as a public text messaging device for me to stay in touch with my friends and family. After adding the PR practitioners that were suggested on Professor Nixon’s blog I was opened up to an entire different side of Twitter! Most of the  blogs that I read now have been suggested by the PR practitioners that I now follow. Before this experience I was using just as another fun social network. Now when I log on to my Twitter account I expect to learn something new or read an exciting blog.

Twitter is an entirely different world to me now that I’ve added the PR practitioners suggested to me on the Twitter Starter Pack. Also, just like any other member of Twitter, I like getting new followers and having new people read what I talk about and the practitioners that I followed also followed me back! All of the practitioners that I follow are now following me which also has forced me to change the way that I use my Twitter. I try to more often talk about things that people want to read and keep my side conversations to the text messaging. This was a very exciting and enlightening experience and I will definitely continue to use my Twitter accordingly and read the blogs suggested by my new Tweople!



  1. tabathapr Said:

    Hey Kaibee,
    I know where you are coming from, just like you I also used Twitter as a way to stay in touch with family and friends. Since adding PR practitioners that Mrs. Nixon suggested I am opened up to new world. Twitter has given me the opportunity for an internship and I have learned so much about Public Relations from professionals. I will definitely continue to utilize twitter for my career.

    • kaibee89 Said:

      Hey Tabatha,
      Congrats on the internship that is amazing! You have to be excited about something like that! I haven’t gotten that lucky with following the PR Practitioners but hopefully if I keep on this path it will happen for me also. I am actually very interested in finding out how you landed such a wonderful opportunity over Twitter! I am still amazed that something that we, as college students, used to use just to keep in touch with our friends and play around with can help us plan for our future. The one thing that following the practitioners has helped me with is blogging. Some of their blog posts are so surprisingly interesting. I think that after I am done with this class I might attempt to continue blogging. Well, congrats again on the wonderful opportunity that has been presented to you! Let me know how that works out!!
      -Kaila B.

  2. lauren2689 Said:

    I feel the same way about using my Twitter acount! I have also had one for a while before enrolling in this class and I used to only tweet when I thought of something interesting or funny that I happened to come across and I would send it from my phone right away while I was still thinking about it. After following the PR practitioners from the list that Dr. Nixon gave us I too expect to learn something new each time I login to my account. It was difficult at first to transition my Twitter account from just another way to “update statuses” similar to facebook but now I understand that it is a more professional website and my tweets should be interesting and contain substantial information that others will want to read.

    • kaibee89 Said:

      I agree with you about making your tweets contain substantial information. After my experience with One Week of Twitter and following the practitioners I felt that my Twitter was very pointless. It was like I was just taking up space in people’s timelines to say absolutely nothing. I feel like now that I have gone through this experience I find myself tweeting about different things. It has not been an easy process to change the topics of my tweets but I am trying really hard to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to joke around and have casual conversations with my friends, but at the same time I like for people to feel like they’re gaining something from reading my tweets. I believe that as up and coming practitioners we should all know how to offer knowledge and exciting facts about things that happen in our everyday lives that could possible impact someone else. I found it fascinating that the practitioners that I am following found a way to make every day life into a learning experience. I read a blog that one of the practitioners that I am following posted once about losing her daughter in the mountains and it was so moving! I just feel inspired by all of these blogs! Also, every practitioner that I followed is now following me so I feel the added pressure to make a good impression on them because I never know when I might get offered a job like Tabatha! 🙂
      -Kaila B.

  3. ce00363 Said:

    I completely agree with this. I did not have twitter before, but I always thought that it was just another social site. I love how you can find information and answers from educated practitioners. It is nice to know that there is one site out there that is made to help people find answers to things. One point that I really love about twitter is that it brings people that are in common together and that leads to intellectual conversation. Yes, twitter is a social networking site but one that has many educational opportunities to be found out. This is a great post and one that I feel the same way about.

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