While reading about libel and Defamation in Chapter 3 my mind wondered into the confrontation between Jay-Z and Chris Brown. For those of you that don’t know the story behind pop sensation Chris Brown and Rihanna it is simply this: The two were dating and Chris Brown beat her up before an awards show about 18 months ago. After beating her pretty bad fellow rapper Jay-Z said some harsh things about Chris Brown and said that he would not perform in the same arenas as Chris Brown. By doing this Jay-Z cost Chris Brown a lot of money because Chris Brown lost concert dates and endorsement deals from some important companies. Could Chris Brown sue Jay-Z for his actions? Or is that not considered defamation? (I’m going to look into that more)



  1. lib3byrd Said:

    I remember when that whole incident happened. That is a really good question. But I think I am leaning on the side that Chris Brown shouldn’t be able to sue Jay-Z.
    In this case, Chris Brown’s actions destroyed his own self-image and reputation. His actions destroyed his reputation to an almost unrepairable state. In my opinion, from what I remember about defamation cases, when your reputation is that bad there’s not much else to destroy it.
    If Chris Brown lost money from concert sales because Jay-Z wouldn’t perform that meant that no one was coming to see Chris. The audience was coming for Jay. I am sure that most fans were probably shaken up and left in a disarray about Brown’s actions. So of course his “fans” would be reluctant to go to his concert because of all of the media scrutiny. So in my opinion Chris Brown has no reason to sue Jay-Z and should receive no payment for damage Brown caused on himself.

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